Kenneth Lusaka urges Kenyans to avoid forming many new parties.


Formation of too many small parties is dividing the country, Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka has said .

Speaking at his Mapera home when he hosted residents for Christmas, Lusaka said while it was a democratic right for Kenyans to form political parties, it was no longer working for the good of the country but instead dividing the country along ethinic lines .

“In the recent past everyone seems to be launching his own party, at this rate we are going to have parties in every village which isn’t good for the unity of this country,” Lusaka said.

Lusaka instead said there should exist only two or three strong political parties in the country which one should choose to align with according to their ideologies .

” We want to be like the developed world where they are only few parties with distinct idiologies for one to choose or associate with ,” Said Lusaka.

The Senate speaker however called for proper internal democracy within parties saying many people were forming small political parties for fear of shum primaries in big political parties .

“Political parties too should put up mechanisms to ensure that their party primaries are free and fair so that people can build confidence in their political parties as opposed to form small parties,” he said.

Lusaka called on the Mulembe nation to use the already existing parties by ensuring their unity or merger instead of forming smaller parties.

“We have already political parties associated with this region, we should ensure that they work together  and avoid dividing the community further by forming others ,” he said.

Defense cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa recently unveiled the DAPK party  which he targeted disgruntled members from FordKenya party including  Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi and Tongaren MP Eseli Simiyu.

Lusaka who has declared his candidature to run for Bungoma gubernatorial seat told residents that he will make open his party of choice at the right time saying he was currently engaged on serious matters at the Senate .

“As for now we are still finishing up a few things at the Senate with several bills on tray, but when the right time comes we will show you the right uniforms ,” said Lusaka

The speaker while wishing residents a good festive season warned them against heavy expenditure saying the school calendar was tight and around the corner.

” Let’s not eat while forgetting that schools are reopening in the first week of January ,” he said.


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