Senator Ledama Ole Kina arrested

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Senator Ledama Ole Kina was arrested on Tuesday morning over hate speech remarks at a BBI rally.

The vocal senator however caused a fracas after demanding that the officers allow him to remove his jacket before getting into the car.

“I have told you I’m ready, do not spoil my jacket, excuse me, let me stand and remove my jacket then I will sit in the middle,” he said.

Before he was whisked into the waiting car he added: “A soldier dies once, a coward dies a thousand times”.

It has been established that the Senator, who is facing charges of incitement, has been taken to the Kilimani Police Station.

The Senator hit the headlines after saying that Maa community has been sidelined and their plight needs to be addressed.

He petitioned the BBI steering committee to solve the land issues in the Maasai-dominated areas such as Narok, so that the local people could maintain a steady income.

He argued that non-locals were buying land meant for agriculture and then selling the same to make huge profits.

He explained that non-locals could buy land for as low as Ksh.70,000 per acre then subdivide it and sell for a minimum of Ksh.350,000 per acre.

According to him, the practice was denying locals economic progress because the subdivided land cannot accommodate a huge population.

He added that the sub-divided land had made it hard for pastoralists to move with their cattle in search for pastures.


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