Senior Safaricom Manager at 30, Running for Deputy President at 33 and losing everything at 40 – Peter Kenneth’s ex-running mate


Very little was known about Ronald Osumba, until he chose to be Peter Kenneth’s running mate in the March 2013 presidential elections, a move that he admits didn’t work out so well.

When he ventured into politics, he left a comfortable job at Safaricom where he was a Senior Manager.

Speaking in a past interview, Osumba, a father of two, revealed that his wife was against his decision to venture into politics.

He remembers his wife telling him that their lives should not change.
But their lives did change in the course of time.

He admitted that his life almost crumbled after they lost badly in the hotly contested Presidential election.

Besides his wife divorcing him, auctioneers came knocking several years later and most of his friends deserted him.

Osumba has had moments of resounding success, but also suffered epic fails.

Taking to Twitter, he inspired his followers after narrating his journey of highs and lows.

He revealed that when he turned 40 in 2019, he lost all his wealth after being auctioned and was only left with his two children.

He also almost lost his life in the same year after being admitted in the ICU for days.

His best friends Bob Collymore and Ken Okoth, former Kibra MP, also died in the same year he was auctioned and admitted to the ICU.

At 42, he is still going strong and pushing harder.

His motivating tweet that has gone viral reads,“ At 30 married with 1 child, Senior Manager at Safaricom, owned a home, 2 parcels of land, 2 cars. At 33 had 2 children, 3 cars, more land and running for Deputy President. At 40, lost all those things except my children. 

“At 42 I am rebuilding smarter,”

He adds; ”And at that 40, in 2019, despite losing all, almost lost my life and was in ICU for days. 

“I thank God for it though coz that, and the loss of my BFFs Ken Okoth and Bob Collymore in July of that year, was the beginning of the turnaround”


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