Shame as nurses and doctors at Mama Lucy hospital hold a surprise birthday party for their colleague as patients writhe in pain at the waiting bay (VIDEO).


Doctors and nurses at Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi are on the spot after a concerned patient took a video of them holding a birthday party instead of attending to ailing Kenyans.

They reportedly surprised one of their colleagues with the party as patients writhed in pain at the waiting bay.

In the video shared online, patients are seen watching from a distance as the rogue nurses and doctors, who work in the orthopaedic unit, sing and dance while cutting the cake.

“This is Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital and as you can see, the nurses and doctors are holding a surprise birthday party to one of their colleagues, bringing everything to a standstill as we patients are just writhing in pain at the waiting bay watching na hawajali. 

“This is orthopaedic unit. Happening now,” the patient wrote and shared the video.

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