Shame: You won’t believe what this smartly dressed Kenyan man was caught on CCTV doing in a shop while disguised as a customer (PHOTOs & VIDEO).


A lady has shared CCTV images and video of a man who stole from her shop while disguised as a customer.

The business lady says that the suspected thief is a regular customer at her shop but yesterday, he stole her iPhone.

In the footage that she shared on social media, the shameless man is captured on CCTV stealing the phone and stuffing it in his pocket before walking away.

He was not aware that he was being recorded on CCTV.

She pleaded with the suspected thief to return the phone since it has important documents.

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Here’s CCTV footage showing the moment the smartly dressed man who appears to be in his mid-30s stole the phone.

His face was also clearly captured as seen in the photos below.

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