She paid for dinner on our first date and housed me for years – PAPA FREDDY celebrates his supportive wife MILLY and takes her for dinner in South Africa.


Popular comedian, Terence Creative alias Papa Freddy, has gushed over his wife Milly Chebby for being a supportive spouse.

Milly fell in love with Papa Freddy when he had nothing.

When they first met, he was a struggling comedian at Kenya National Theatre.

She paid for their first dinner because he didn’t have money to settle the bill and even housed him for years.

He promised that he will do everything possible to make his wife happy now that doors have opened since she has been a strong pillar in his life.

“Sijafika bado but with the little that I have, I will always share with you,” he promised her.

Milly and Terence are in South Africa for a work-related trip and while there, he took her for a romantic dinner.

He went on to give his fans 5 key life lessons.

Check out his post.

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