She performs real miracles – DJ MO defends SIZE 8 and reveals what she did to a strange woman in Kibwezi.


Popular gospel disc jockey Sammy Muraya alias DJ MO, has responded to claims that his wife Size 8 performs fake miracles.

Size 8 has been preaching in crusades and casting out demons after she was ordained in December 2021.

Videos of her alleged miracles have been trending on social media, sparking reactions among Netizens.

DJ MO rubbished claims that his wife’s miracles are stage-managed, as many people believe.

The father of two insisted that the miracles are real.

“I would be so worried if people didn’t criticize her. Otherwise, I would be like ‘eeh you are doing something wrong. If the miracles are fake then where are the genuine ones? I have never seen a pastor whose miracles are believed,” Mo said in an interview.

“I would be so worried if everyone clapped for her. I have been with her and I know the miracles are very genuine. I am happy because I am here to support her. I will support her to the end. So if you think it’s clout chasing well and good but on the other end, people are being trustful,” he added.

Mo claims that he attended a crusade in Kibwezi where a strange woman was healed after Size 8 prayed for her.

“kuna madam alipona na hata hawajuani. Unajua kama ni kipindi inakuanga imepangwa na wale unajuana nayo. Those people you say can’t perform miracles are the same people that God will use,” he added.


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