SHOCK as it emerges that serial child killer, MASTEN WANJALA, was introduced into a cult by his mother – This is what he told his father before he died.


Masten Wanjala’s father has defended his son, claiming it was not his wish to turn into a serial killer.

Robert Wanjala, who was saddened by his son’s death, blamed his ex-wife for Masten’s poor upbringing that turned him into a serial killer.

“I was sad, you know he was my son and it was not his wish. 

“It was his mother’s wish,” he said while speaking to the press at his home in Bungoma, a few hours after his son was lynched.

He further said that his son called him and requested forgiveness, claiming that it was his mother who was responsible for his vampire-like traits.

“He told me it was his mother who introduced him to those things. He said that if he dies, he will die in her name,” the old man added.

Wanjala is now requesting the Government to help him bury his son since he is not in a position to do so because of his financial status.

“I am just requesting the government to help me with the burial plans because I don’t have the means to, after everything is done, I request that they bring me my son so that I can bury him myself,” He said.


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