Shut up! Dr. EKURU AUKOT blasts MAMA NGINA KENYATTA after she told Kenyans to support RAILA because UHURU has endorsed him.


Thirdway Alliance Party leader, Dr. Ekuru Aukot, has blasted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta after she urged Kenyans to heed her son’s advice on who to elect the next President.

Mama Ngina, who spoke in her native Kikuyu language in one of the functions on Tuesday, urged Kenyans and particularly the restive Mt Kenya region to follow the direction that Uhuru is showing them ahead of the August 9th presidential election.

But Aukot, who contested for the presidency in 2017, however, dismissed Mama Ngina’s remarks.

“Mama Ngina as a Kenyan has the right to her opinion but she ought to have known when to speak and when not to speak. 

“She cannot ask Kenyans to follow Uhuru without us analyzing her son’s record in leadership. 

“Kenyans are disgruntled rightfully so,” Aukot said.

Mama Ngina’s sentiments were the clearest indication of her support for ODM leader Raila Odinga’s presidential bid, who enjoys the backing of President Kenyatta after his Jubilee Party formalized a coalition arrangement with ODM under the Azimio Movement.


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