Since my confession, jini zinanifuata-Magix Enga


Magix Enga sparked controversy earlier this week after he opened up about his time as a member of the infamous Illuminati.

The brilliant music producer has now given another interview to Plug TV where he had more to say about that confession.

He said that he had left the group cause they wanted more personal things from him that he wasn’t comfortable giving.

The popular Gengetone producer alleged that demons had been haunting him ever since he made the confession.

He even gave an anecdotal experience of how a genie had (in the form of cat) come for him after he made the confession.

He said that at the time it happened he was doing a podcast with his two friends, with the ‘Dundaing’ producer adding that an angry cat had passed their window. 

It started crying from outside the house, then the angry cat proceeded to enter the house. He said it was so bad that they even started praying.

He said that the experience had scared him a lot! “Those Illuminati guys have been looking for me. They are still following me, everywhere I go and that’s why I can’t remove my mask…Ican’t speak about them without a mask.”

The entertainer added that after leaving the Illuminati he had gotten saved and was planning to open a church to help others who were going through the same experience. 


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