Skirt-chasing Senator MITHIKA LINTURI caught on camera caressing and seducing a lady outside Sera Park hotel in Meru – PHOTO goes viral.


Controversial Meru Senator, Mithika Linturi, was reportedly captured on camera seducing an unidentified lady outside Sera Park hotel in Meru.

In the viral photo, Mithika is seen whispering sweet nothings to the lady, probably begging her for ‘goodies’.

It’s not clear whether the lady accepted his advances but from the look of her face, she was feeling his vibes.

Mithika’s randy behaviours are well known.

Last year, he landed in trouble after he attempted to rape a woman at Maiyan Villa Resort in Nanyuki.

He reportedly sneaked into a couple’s hotel room when the husband was out and allegedly attempted to rape the woman.

Below is a viral photo of Mithika and the lady.

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