Smuggled goods destroyed in Wajir


An exercise was conducted yesterday evening by a team of KRA agents and security committee to destroy 23 bags of 25Kg sugar in Wajir East Sub County.

The sugar was illegally smuggled by businessmen who attempt to evade taxes; hence the presence of the KRA team on the ground.

This comes after another similar incident that occurred in April 7th, where authorities destroyed 900 bags of sugar worth 1.8 Million in the county.

Smuggling of contraband goods has intensified over the years mostly due to the porous border of Wajir and Somalia. The rising cases of insecurity have brought in so much instability and distraction which favors the operations of smugglers around the boarder.

Wajir’s security apparatus is intensifying its operations and putting more focus in manning the border because these contraband goods are sometimes used to finance the Al Shabaab militia group.

The administration in Wajir County is also making efforts to educate the residents on the dangers of these illegal products; one of them being the effects they have in the general economy of the county through evasion of taxes.

Residents are being encouraged to report any smuggling operations they come across In order to end this situation.


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