Somali National Army Arrest Alshabaab Militants


A number of Alshabaab militants were yesterday arrested by the Somali National Army in an operation conducted around Bakool region in South West State.

Hours before this happened, five militants were sentenced to death by the Puntland military court for planning attacks in Galkayo. This double blow to the Alshabaab has been applauded by Somali Citizens who are convinced that if consistency is applied then they just might win against the militia group. 

At around 2am last night, the militias attempted a revenge plan on the SNA troops which luckily enough did not go as planned. According to Garowe Media, they attacked a checkpoint located in the southeast of Baidoa but the well trained troops managed to defend themselves.  

These increasing attacks on government bases have been a result of the power transition in Somalia nonetheless, the SNA has assured citizens of full time security throughout this delicate period in the country.


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