Somalia Needs to Solve Their Own Problems

Former Jubbaland Security Minister Abdirashid Hassan Abdinor Janan | File Photo

For the past three decades Somalia has not experienced peace since the toppling of Mohamed Siad Barre who ruled the country with iron fist and killed thousands of innocent civilians who were not from his clan.

Since then, Somalia has never tasted peace with different clans fighting for power and then the birth of Al Shabaab militants who have killed thousands of innocent civilians in Mogadishu.

The war in Somalia keeps changing face each day. But the big problem I see with the country is where they involve so many players on their state matters. The country should sit down and solve their own issues. How do you expect a country to experience peace when the Federal Government is fighting with semi-autonomous States?

Last year Mogadishu had blocked flights to Kismayu as a way of punishing the Jubbaland President because he had ideological differences with the Mogadishu government. Then the most recent is the manhunt of former Jubbaland security minister Abdirashid Hassan Abdinor Janan who escaped from prison in Mogadishu where he was being detained after he was arrested on August last year at Mogadishu Airport while on transit to Addis Ababa.

Reports indicate that the government of Somalia has issued a request through Interpol for an international warrant of arrest of Janan who they claim is in Kismayu. Previously, the Somalia government had pleaded with the Kenya Defence Forces troops serving under AMISOM in kismayu to arrest Janan and hand him over to Mogadishu authorities. The Somalia government are pleading with the government of Kenya who they took to ICJ over border issue to help them. Again the KDF troops serving under AMISOM does not have any mandate of making civil arrest or help the president of Somalia to crush his political rivals.

The Somalia government is pleading with other countries to help arrest a fugitive as they call him who is still in their country. This is how Somalia have been involving other countries in their “bedroom matters” thinking that they will be helped only to turn the situation worse. The country should deal with their own matters and reduce foreign involvement if they want to get a last solution to their problems. They should embrace peace resolution processes and peace building initiatives and bring all warring parties on board to discuss about lasting solution of the situation which has ravaged the country for decades.


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