Stivo Simple Boy Spends Quality Time with Lover Pritty on His Birthday


Singer Stivo Simple Boy has surfaced on social media with his lover who goes by the social media name Pritty.

In a viral video shared on Twitter, the two lovebirds could be heard talking about their relationship.

Stevo could be seen seated close to the edge of a sofa while his lover sprawled out on the same seat.

The lady is heard accusing the rapper of not always surprising him with gifts.
While responding to it, Stevo reminds the lady about the skirt he bought her in the past.

As the couple goes on with their conversation, the singer reminds his lover that it was his birthday.

Then the lady switches to singing a happy birthday tune to her celebrity boyfriend.

Towards the end of the short clip, the lady is heard saying they have been an item for seven good years.


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