Stivo Simple Boy’s management punishing him


Singer Stivo Simple Boy has come out to clear the air after his girlfriend Purity Vishenwa a.k.a Pritty Vishy, blew the lid off the drama bedeviling his music career and management.

Speaking to vlogger Kenya Central, Pritty Vishy said, “Everything you have heard about the management is true, Simple Boy cannot do anything, neither can I. He will continue doing what he loves until God opens up another way for him where he can do better and be at a place where he is happy.”

His management has denied any unprofessionalism so did Stivo Simple Boy. But Pritty said, “Like right now, the management doesn’t like me, I don’t know what they have done, he is not allowed to come to see me

I feel like they control him and that at times makes me feel so powerless. He is controlled by his management, at the moment we are not communicating after my TikTok went viral.”

She added, “The management doesn’t talk to me, last week my Instagram was reported I could not post anything so I don’t know who did it but whoever did wants to bring me down.”

Rumours made rounds that Stivo Simple Boy’s revenue was not getting to him. Pritty put this into perspective.  

“Yes, I have witnessed all that, there is one he did worth Ksh 120k the money that he got was Ksh 4,000,” she explained, “However, if he wants anything, they will buy it for him, but not for him to use his money to buy.”

Stivo has openned up about the situation. speaking to vlogger Kenya Central, he said, “Zii hiyo management iko poa. What people need to know is that this journey of being an artiste is not easy.

So what you do is you come up slowly to fully understand the ropes and get a chance to prosper. It is similar to when you raise a child and it grows and starts walking. so some of these stories you are seeing online are not true.”

Asked why he has not released any music yet, Stivo Simple Boy said, “Yes, i have some songs in the pipeline but i haven’t released them yet because of those issues.”

So is it true that your management is punishing you because the information leaked? Stivo laughed off the claims saying, “It is not true.”


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