Students at Oldo secondary school in Isiolo brutally attack a teacher and disfigure his face for allegedly being non-local (PHOTOs).


A teacher at Oldo Secondary School in Isiolo North is nursing serious injuries after he was attacked by students.

According to online reports, the students descended on the teacher with kicks and blows for allegedly being non-local.

The non-local teacher has been facing threats from the students for quite some time and earlier today, they ganged up against him.

He sustained serious injuries after the attack, with his face completely disfigured.

Cases of teachers being assaulted by students have been on the rise in the past few months.

Just last month, a form three student at Ainamoi Secondary School attacked the principal with a plank of wood that had six-inch nail after he was sent home over fees balance. 

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Here are photos of the Isiolo-based teacher who was attacked by students for allegedly being non-local.

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