Sudan says some soldiers mutinied against reforms

A member of Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitaries mans a machine gun turret while on guard outside the offices of the anti-corruption prosecution in the capital Khartoum on June 16, 2019.



Gunfire was heard from military bases operated by the Sudanese intelligence Service in Khartoum as some members of the facility mutinied against various reforms, the military said. 

The camps in Kafouri, north of Khartoum and Riyadh which hosts the Operations Corps, involved a group of soldiers who were protesting against a move to send home some, have their units disbanded and merged with another.

The gunfire renewed fear among residents of Khartoum who had lived the last six months in relative tranquility, but were now in the vicinity of another violent incident.

It all began as members of the National Security Intelligence Service refused to leave the premises of the Operations Corps as ordered.

A statement by the Sudanese intelligence stated that a soldiers opposed to the restructuring of the agency, and demanding pay and severance packages engaged a violent protest, causing a stand-off.


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