Suicide Cases on the Rise in the Country


There is a growing alarm of the number of suicide cases in the country. Mental ill-health being the main reason for the rampant cases.

Recently, a man at Ugenya in Siaya County is alleged to have killed his wife and later hung himself. Enoch Omollo was found dead alongside his wife Dorothy Omanya, a note narrating the murder. His frustration was not siring children with his wife.

Area Assistant Chief Henry Oduor said he received a text message from relatives of the woman informing him of a possible murder in Uloma C Village.

The Assistant Chief says, after arriving at Omollo’s home, no one opened the door and after frantic efforts to reach him proved futile, his officers broke in to find out what had transpired. He said they found the lifeless body of Omollo’s wife in the bedroom of the house while Omollo’s body dangled from a rope next to the bed with a suicide note narrating the events of the murder.

Oduor revealed that the couple had disagreements over their lack of children which had led the man to marry another wife. The bodies were taken to Ukwala sub-county Hospital mortuary and are awaiting post-mortem examinations as police investigate the incident.

Psychologists have encouraged members of the public to speak up their problems and worries before taking drastic actions.


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