The Cause of Yesterday’s Stampede in Likoni


13 individuals were injured in a stampede that occurred yesterday evening following the failure of one of the ferries.

The ferry, by the name MV Safari, stalled with passengers midway after a minor side abrasion with another. The individuals suffered unfortunate injuries due to the intense panic that arose during the evacuation process.

After the failure of the ferry, several passengers were forced to wait for hours because only three vessels were operating. Usually, during peak hours, at least four ferries are needed for efficient movements.

Most of the victims were women, children and the elderly. One of the women shared her frustration after a police officer slapped her for no apparent reason while she was seeking a way out. The Red Cross Team rushed to administer first aid to the wounded before rushing them to the hospitals.

It is said that MV Safari is a new ferry that was bought from Turkey barely three months ago. Kenyans have taken to twitter to complain on the rampant incidence of Likoni ferries; with most accusing the government of purchasing fake ferries in order to pocket the rest of the funds.

Residents in Mombasa are demanding for the construction of Likoni Bridge that was promised to them because their population is too large to be sustained by the four ferries.


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