The ex-wife of Coca-Cola Africa boss, DARYL WILSON, shares a photo in hospital and narrates how he used to assault her – I even attempted suicide.


Mercy Quinter, the ex-wife of Coca-Cola Africa boss, Daryl Wilson, has revealed that she was in an abusive marriage with the wealthy corporate boss.

Mercy exchanged vows with Daryl Wilson in a lavish wedding that cost Sh 15 Million, only for their hyped marriage to crumble after a few years.

She revealed on her Instagram stories that Wilson subjected her to both physical and emotional abuse and left her depressed.

She shared a throwback photo in hospital undergoing treatment after being beaten by her ex-husband and revealed that she suffered in silence until she decided to walk out of the abusive marriage.

She even attempted to commit suicide several times.

Here’s what she posted.

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