The face of depression


    What do depressed people look like? What does someone with suicidal thoughts appear? What does depression feels like? Of course, many of us would probably picture a crumpled-up, crying shell of a person on a bathroom floor. However, the reality is that people who are struggling with feeling depressed often hide it in their everyday lives, meaning that they look like just about any other person you’d pass on the street.

    The story of one Kimiti Wanjaria, a young and budding life lost through suicide is in everyone’s mouth. The first time Kimiti Wanjaria made headlines was in 2013 when Forbes ranked him among the Top 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs in Africa over a multimillion-shilling property investment in Kiambu that was being developed by a company in which he owned shares. What remains a mystery however is how Wanjaria lost hope in life, yet he always put on a figure of an optimistic personality.

    Before his death Wanjaria went back home, telling his parents that things were weighing down on him. The entrepreneur sank into depression and opened up on ‘hitting rock bottom.’

    We need to learn how suicidal tendencies can present themselves beyond our ignorance to the topic. Listening and learning even the tiniest signs/triggers can help save lives.


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