The father of the man accused of killing BBC Senior Manager Kate Mitchelle speaks.


The father of the middle-aged man accused of killing BBC Senior Manager Kate Mitchell last Friday before committing suicide has accused the police of frustrating their efforts to establish what led to the death of their son.

Speaking to a local daily, Mr. Dan Mauti, father to the late Tamati Mauti, said the family is yet to receive any credible update from the police regarding the death of their son.

“I am in total darkness regarding what happened to my son. 

“The police keep telling us they are investigating the matter and have not briefed us anything. .. We are very surprised by all these details about my son, about the British national, and are frustrated by the police’s denial to keep us informed,” he said.

 “We are traumatized, our family has been tarnished. 

“We cannot eat. We are receiving numerous calls from everywhere, from friends who want to know what exactly happened. 

“We want the police to update us, why would we be informed by the press regarding our son?” the distressed father added.

The family is planning to bury the deceased on December 1, 2021, at their home in Ongata Rongai.

Mauti is alleged to have strangled Mitchelle to death at her hotel room after a scuffle.

He then jumped out of the window after committing the heinous act.

His father confirmed that he was planning to wed next month.


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