The Kikuyu lady who was gifted Ksh 102 Million by her Belgian boyfriend leaves detectives in limbo – She has already fled the country and deactivated her social media accounts.


The 21-year-old college student who was allegedly gifted Ksh 102 Million by her Belgian boyfriend has already fled the country.

According to reports, she left the Country on October 2, two days after the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) moved to a Nairobi court to freeze her account after the huge sum of money was deposited in her account.

She also deactivated all her social media pages.

By the time ARA was summoning her to physically appear in their office to explain herself, she was long gone.

Her lawyers informed ARA that she had already left the country, adding that they do not have information on when she will be coming back to Kenya.

“We would like to inform you that our client Felista is currently not in Kenya and in fact, she left the country on October 2.

“We do not have information on when our client will be coming back to Kenya,” the lawyers said.

There have been speculations that the millions could be proceeds of money laundering.

However, Felista’s boyfriend, Marc De Mesel, said he gifted her the money and denied that he is involved in dirty businesses.

The court has ordered Felista’s bank account to be suspended for 90 days, pending investigations.

Before the account was frozen, Marc had written to the bank affirming it was his gift for her to build financial security for herself and their future children.


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