The Media Fraternity Suffers Another Blow As A Journalist Is Shot Dead


The media fraternity is in shock after losing another Journalist and media lecturer is shot dead in her house in Ngong during a robbery.

Betty Barasa, a video editor at the national broadcaster, KBC and also a lecturer at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) was shot yesterday on 7th April in Ololua area, Ngong.

Barasa had arrived at her new home at about 8.20pm from duty at the station when a gang that was waiting at the entrance forced their way into the compound as the gate was opened, witnesses said.

According to her family, three men armed with AK47 had been waiting for her to arrive.

She drove to the gate and the househelp rushed to open it. As she drove in, the three forced their way in, prompting the houselp to run into darkness as she screamed saying there were strangers in the compound.

The gang followed Betty up to where she parked and ordered her out at gunpoint leading her into the house.

Her husband and children were in the house, terrified following the screams of the househelp and the arrival of the strangers.

The gunman took Betty to the upper rooms and shot her twice in the head at close range despite her begs to be spared.

After the shooting, the gang grabbed the journalist’s laptop and mobile phone and left.

Police have said they are yet to make an arrest or know the motive of the killing, however, a team of detectives was sent from DCI headquarters to join their Ngong counterparts in the probe into the murder


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