The Son of the Late Chad’s President, Idriss Derby, Set To Take Over


On April 20th the president of Chad, Idriss Deby, died while visiting the front-line troops in the country’s north. Exact details of the cause of death were not disclosed but it is said that he suffered serious wounds when his soldiers were battling the rebels.

After his death, the military transitional council took over power in Chad and assured the Citizens of free and fair elections that were to be held 18 months from now. The military however, reversed their decision and opted to hand over the presidential powers to his son, Gen. Mahamat Deby.

This decision came as a shock to many people considering the Chadian law clearly states that in the absence of the president or in case he dies, the speaker of the parliament should take charge of the country for 40 days while organizing for elections.  

Chadian Military came in and announced that legislative assembly and the constitution have been dissolved hence the need for this new charter. 

Observers believe this is what the late president had envisioned- to groom his son and have him take over after ruling the country for over 30 years. His son, a 4-star General, is a top commander of the Chadian forces and has been the head of his father’s security for quite a long time. 

The dangerous rebels known as FACT have sworn to not let the son take over, even if it means disposing him, because Chad is not a monarchy. 

Hours after this threat, latest information was shared in the media displaying some bad blood amongst the Derby’s family members. Mahamat Deby was reported missing during a shoot-out with his Elder Brother Col. Zakaria Deby inside the Presidential Palace last night. This war among the sons of Derby is making the onlookers wonder if at all there is more to The President’s death and weather it was normal or planned. 


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