The wife of the man captured on CCTV being abducted by 6 heavily armed men in Kasarani speaks and reveals what they demanded from him


The wife of Alfred Odhiambo, the 29-year-old man who was captured on CCTV being abducted by heavily armed men, has revealed what transpired on the fateful night that her husband went missing.

Speaking to the press, Maryanne Wangui said the armed men knocked at her door in the wee hours of Friday morning and confronted her husband.

They demanded to be given a firearm that he was allegedly hiding.

However, Odhiambo insisted that he was not in possession of any firearm.

“They entered the house and all they asked my husband was where he was hiding a gun before they left with him,” she said.

The six men left in two vehicles, a white land cruiser, and a grey double cabin pickup.

Wangui has never heard from her husband since he was abducted.

His phone was switched off after he was abducted.

Efforts of looking for him in different police stations across Nairobi have proven futile.

Although Odhiambo was a well-known matatu conductor in Kasarani, word has it that he was involved in criminal activities.

Odhiambo and his younger brother Kevin Otieno, who was shot 36 times in Utawala by the same gunmen, are suspected to be behind armed robberies in Kasarani.

Below is a photo of Odhiambo’s wife, who witnessed his abduction.

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