‘There Is Nothing Like A UDA Wave In Mt. Kenya,’ Says Former Kiambu Governor Kabogo


Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has dismissed claims that Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has entrenched its roots in the Mt. Kenya region ahead of next year’s general elections.

According to Kabogo, the region’s residents will elect leaders based on their ability to better their lives and hearsay will not play a part in influencing their decision at the polls.

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“There is nothing like a UDA wave in Mt. Kenya. The people of the region are going to elect leaders based on their capacity to improve their livelihoods,” Kabogo said in an interview with the Star Newspaper.

“We’re not going to give away our elective seats to foreign parties. Our people are going to elect governors, senators, MPs and MCAs. In fact, we have said we shall give them (presidential candidates) the presidency but the other seats belong to our parties.”

Kabogo consequently called on the Mt. Kenya region and Kenyans in general to choose their leaders wisely, failure to which they will have to live with the consequences of their decisions for five years should they hand the mantle to the wrong people.

“Choices have consequences. Sow bad leadership and you will harvest bad leadership. We do elections and we start complaining the following day,” Kabogo warned.

“You can’t elect a bad leader then start complaining when bad things start emerging. Elect good leaders and if you elect bad leaders, shut up for the next five years.”

Despite the succession of President Uhuru Kenyatta appearing to be, on paper, a two-horse race between DP Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga, Kabogo reckons that politics is an intricate game of chess that can change overnight.

He added that, as such, people should not be surprised if a third party emerges as a contender for the country’s top job in the coming months.

“I predict we may have a surprise. I am not a witch or prophet but I suspect a surprise. Just as in 2002 when everyone thought the race was between Odinga and Kenyatta a new dispensation was birthed on October 14,” Kabogo said.

“A tsunami happened and Kibaki Tosha happened. Kibaki was overwhelmingly elected President. Something might happen that will take the presidency elsewhere.”

Kabogo, who in 2017 lost his Kiambu gubernatorial seat to Ferdinand Waititu, however insisted that it is still too early to make his political aspirations for next year known.

According to Kabogo, his current focus lies in growing his Tujibebe Party which currently boasts a presence in 27 counties.

“Imagine if I get like 20 MPs in parliament. I will ensure that I hold the government to account,” he said.


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