Thome 5 residents want Club Quiver shut down, claim revellers engage in sexual acts at the club’s parking lot as their kids watch through the windows.


The popular Quiver club that is located along Thika Road risks being closed after residents of Thome 5 estate complained that it’s becoming a nuisance.

More than 108 families that live near the club complain that since the joint was opened, they no longer enjoy peaceful nights.

The club plays loud music throughout the night and all week long, thus causing them sleepless nights.

They also claim that their neighborhood has been turned into a red-light district as sex workers line up outside the popular entertainment joint to hunt for men.

Some of the revellers even engage in sexual acts at the club’s parking lot as kids who live in the nearby estates watch through the windows at night, since they can’t sleep because of the loud music that is usually played in the entertainment joint.

The club’s managers have been ordered to come up with guidelines that will restore sanity in the neighborhood, failure to which they will be taken to court.

Here’s a demand letter written to the club.

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