Three arrested buying weapons valued at Sh7 million in Mandera


Mandera police have arrested three people while negotiating to buy a cache of arms at the border with Somalia.

Mandera Township MCA Adan Abdi termed the incident unfortunate as the arms valued at Sh7 million were meant to disrupt peace in the region.

Abdi disclosed one of the suspects currently held at the Mandera police station is an employee of the Mandera county government.

He condemned the incident saying the three were reversing gains made in 2015 when communities signed a ceasefire agreement to coexist harmoniously.

Gither MCA Ahmed Rashid asked the government to prosecute the suspects as they are a security threat.  Rashid noted the cache was a big arsenal that could be used to create despondency in the region.

He said as leaders they do not want the region to follow footsteps of other counties where communities have fought each other for long.

Mandera East District Criminal Investigation Officer Benedict Kigen said police are investigating the incident.

The DCIO warned that disclosing more information would jeopardize the ongoing investigations.

The Degodia and Garre communities had fought over control of resources at the advent of devolution before signing a peace deal.


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