Top 10 Events in 2020


Alright so for those who were left behind on this crappy year, here are some of the major top 10 events

  1. Some Chinese weirdos decided to take their curiosity to another level, they ate bats and now we just might be saying goodbye to the entire human race. We are Doomed!! Aliens are on their way.
  2. Covid-19 taught Kenyans something called Cessation.
  3. Our favorite power couple Will and Jada graced us with a new word- Entanglement. Also, Will Smith is said to be done with Jada’s shit but just trying to put on a show.
  4. Kanye is losing it mahn. Went on twitter to rant about the Kardashians; talking about white supremacy and shit. Oh and he wants a divorce following Kim’s entanglement with Meek Mill, Yishhh!!
  5. The Baddest Bitch of all Nicki Minaj is Pregnant!! That’s right, she was kept really warm during this lockdown period. Who is excited to see some little Onikas running around with pink wigs? I know I am, Skrrrrr.
  6. Locus invasion in East Africa. Those tiny little fuckers gave us one hell of a time ugh.
  7. Kobe Bryant and his little girl died in a tragic helicopter crash. It was a dark period for all his fans.
  8. Iran admitted to shooting down a Ukrainian Passenger Plane that killed 176 people.
  9. A white racist cop suffocated George Floyd with his knee. His death led to an uprising among blacks all over the world, it was probably the biggest protest to ever take place and now all the Karens are scared for their lives. They should be.
  10. Memes are saving the world. Uhuru Kenyatta and Mutahi Kagwe are our top sources of dope memes right now!

Wanna cancel the year and ask for your money back or will you keep pushing to see if dragons and dinosaurs might pop in too?


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