Trouble for Judge Musinga just after rejecting the BBI.


Court of appeal president Justice Musinga led a team of Judges that Rejected building bridges initiative report by upholding the rulling which was made by the high court which termed the document unconstitutional. The Judges claimed that the bill failed to meet some basic structures as inscribed in the Constitution of Kenya.

Well, according their rulling, Judges Alleged that Independent Electral commission was not well formed to do verification of signatures that were submitted by Building bridges initiative report proponents. They claimed that the commission lacked quorums in performing it’s mandate hence rendering the whole process not satisfactory as per the law of Kenya.

Well, according to the reports. Judge Musinga is now in a tight position since the same independent Electral commission conducted the process in which he was appointed the president of the Appeal Court. This means that he is also part of the product of the same independent commission that they rulled was oparating unconstitutionally due to lack of quorum.

According to the standard newspaper, Lawyers and analyst are looking at a possiblity of someone pettitioning the courts to have it declare the court of appeal president election and appointment as null and void since the same IEBC oversaw the procedure when it was not functioning to the capacity as per the law requirements.


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