Two Injured After Lorry Rams Boda Boda In Mwingi

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A motorcycle rider and his passenger sustained serious injuries after they were hit by a lorry near Matuu town.

According to sources, the rider and his pillion passenger were riding towards Mwingi when the lorry rammed them from behind.

The driver of the lorry is said to have rushed to Matuu police station where he reported the incident.

“The boda boda was heading to Ekalakala market when it got hit by the lorry. The rider and the passenger didn’t die, but they sustained serious injuries, ” a source told Wananchi Reporting.

Police from Matuu confirmed the incident, noting that the boda boda rider and the passenger sustained multiple injuries.

Speaking about the incident Yatta police traffic boss Paul Cheptrim said that the two were rushed to Matuu Level Four Hospital where they are currently undergoing treatment.

“They sustained some injuries, but they are out of danger,” said Mr. Cheptrim.

The lorry which ferries sand is currently being held at the Matuu police station.


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