Two men and a woman found dead in a lodging


Monday afternoon in Nairobi’s Pipeline area two men and a woman were found dead while holding each other in a lodging. The trio, whose lips were intercrossed, held each other, but one of the men was bleeding from the mouth and nose when the bodies were discovered.

Police termed the incident a puzzle but added they are investigating the deaths to establish what happened at the lodging. The detectives handling the incident said they suspect a cult to be the motive behind it. There was, however, no sign of break-in or struggle in the room, which made police conclude for now it might be suicide.

The victims were identified as Philip Murefu Simiyu aged 63 and Boniface Muchiri Waruiru aged 28 while the woman is yet to be identified. The proprietor of Chairman Lounge Guest House said the three checked in on Monday at about midnight.

When they booked the room, the management thought they wanted to enjoy themselves. But they failed to check out of the room on Monday afternoon as anticipated. An attendant who went to check on them said there was no response from therein forcing her to call the management and police who broke in through the window to access the room.

It was then they discovered the bodies. The motive of the incident is yet to be established even as the bodies were moved to the mortuary where an autopsy will be conducted.


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