Two Mt. Kenya University Students accosted by thugs as they went out to buy Avocado.


    Today afternoon, two young men believed to be students at the Thika-based Mt.Kenya University were accosted by members of a notorious gang as they were going to buy the much coveted avocado fruit, and ordered to surrender all their earthly possessions including mobile phones, belts, shoes and clothes.

    After complying, the badly shaken students were then ordered to surrender their Mpesa PIN numbers at gun point, prompting one of them to let out loud piercing shrieks of despair. Luckily, two cops on foot patrol heard the call of distress and rushed to the aid of the victims. What followed was a fierce exchange of fire between the cops to rescue the students and the thugs who were fighting to escape the wrath of the law enforcement officers.

    One thug lay lifeless in a pool of blood as his accomplices leapt to a getaway motorbike heavily wounded. The thug, is part of a miscreant gang that was robbing pedestrians of their valuables, along the Kiang’ombe-Railway road at around 9pm. A firearm with two rounds of ammunition and a machete were recovered from the slain thug. Meanwhile, a manhunt for the rest of the gang members is currently ongoing.


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