Two women charged with stealing a One month old baby


    Today, two suspects have appeared before magistrate Wendi Micheni and denied three counts of child stealing against the law. The two women, Felista Wairimu Kahumbi and Lydia Wanjiku Maina, have been charged with stealing a child in Nairobi.
    It is alleged that on unknown dates in the year 2022, at unknown locations within the republic of Kenya, they conspired to steal a child under the age of one month from an unknown parent. In the second count, Wanjiku was charged with child stealing against the law.

    The Court was informed that on March 15, 2022, in Mihango, Kayole, Nairobi, Wanjiku fraudulently took baby F.W, a child under the age of one month, from an unknown parent who had lawful custody or possession of the said baby. Felista Wairimu was charged in count 3 with receiving baby F.W, a child under the age of one month, on March 15, 2022 at Mihango within Kayole in Nairobi County, knowing her to have been or taken with intent to deprive the unknown parent who had the lawful charge or possession of the said baby F.W.

    According to the prosecution, Felista Wairimu was discovered with the child at Kenyatta Hospital, where she had taken the baby for treatment, but her inconsistent history with the baby prompted the hospital to conduct a medical checkup on her to confirm if she had indeed given birth to the baby as alleged. She produced a birth certificate indicating that the child was born on March 18th, but medical tests revealed that she had not given birth as she claimed.

    She was then arrested and she admitted to buying the baby from the second suspect, Lydia Wanjiku Maina, on March 22. The two pleaded not guilty and were released on 500,000 shillings cash bail.


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