UDA-Allied MPs Protest Results after Duale’s Proposed Amendment Flops


The National Assembly once again turned chaotic after a section of members claimed they could not vote for or against MP Aden Duale’s proposed amendment.

The Garissa Township MP had pushed for the deletion of clause 8b of the Political Parties (Amendment) Bill that requires a coalition political party to submit pact six months to elections.

The proposal, however, flopped after 128 lawmakers voted to shoot it down against 104 colleagues who supported the removal of the contentious clause.

The yes brigade which comprised of legislators allied to the Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Movement (UDA) rose on points of order to claim that the results were rigged.

They claimed the system had technical issues and demanded that they vote manually.During the Wednesday, December 5, special sitting, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa, Nixon Korir and Kiambu Woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba claimed their votes were not counted.

They accused the interim speaker of being biased and aiding the Azimio la Umoja affiliated MPs to win.The speaker, however, insisted the system was working and some of the MPs complaining had voted.


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