UDA’s Kang’ata Admits Raila Could Win, Writes Uhuru A Congratulatory Message But Warns Him.

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Murang’a senator Irungu Kang’ata has written a message to the president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta who is heading into retirement shortly after he (Uhuru) finished his tour of Murang’a and Nyeri counties urging them to vote for Raila.

In his article appearing on the Sunday nation, Kang’ata starts by congratulating the head of state for occupying Kenya’s topmost seat which was also occupied by his late father mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

He went on to assure him that he will be there to ensure that no body disturbs him In retirement irrespective of whether it will be the deputy president William Ruto or Raila Odinga who will win.

Nevertheless, kang’ata believes that it’s the former prime minister Raila Odinga who is more likely to cause trouble to the soon to be retired president.

One, if Raila wins, he will want to free himself from Uhuru’s shadow after helping him capture power.

Kang’ata argues that no president will want to rule with many political debts over his neck hence the reason why the azimio boss will seek to cut links with Uhuru and chart his own political trajectory.

This According to the UDA Murang’a gubernatorial aspirant will lead to bad blood between the two handshake brothers.

He says the head of state should have used a strong person from mount Kenya to Deputize Raila and not Karua who lacks numbers and kingpin ship.

However, kang’ata alleges that the president is safe under a William Ruto presidency because mount Kenya will have many UDA legislators hence a big shareholding in the government.

Besides that, he avers that Ruto won’t be thinking of any revenge Because he still needs mount Kenya in 2027.

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