Uhuru’s Plan To Endorse DP Ruto For 2022 Presidential Bid Is Exposed As Handshake Deal Changes Tune


The President of the Republic of Kenya,His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta publicly decided to come into terms and settle their differences with the former Kenyan Prime Minister and a long time Opposition Leader Raila Odinga. The two top politicians came into terms through a handshake deal after a long time of political cold war.

The handshake deal resulted into a political breakup for the UhuRuto relationship that saw a kind of betrayal for the Deputy President William Ruto by the Head of State,His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta.

The political breakup has been brought into the limelight of the members of the public after Deputy President William Ruto evidently miss Uhuru Kenyatta’s meetings given he is the second in command.

The handshake deal saw Raila Odinga allegedly take over Deputy President Ruto’s roles as he seems to be closer to Uhuru than Ruto currently is

Even rumours had it that the President might endorse the Opposition Leader Raila Odinga for the 2022 Presidential bid after the Uhuru and Raila were even bonded further by their project (Building Bridge Initiative).

KENYA : Kenyatta and Odinga gang up to see off Ruto
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This alleges has however been dispelled as vocal TangaTanga Member of Parliaments disclose that the handshake deal was meant to let Uhuru work in peace.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation Newspaper, Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro and his counterpart Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi ( both being Dp Ruto’s diehards and supporters to the 2022 Presidential bid) exposed that Uhuru’s favourite candidate for the presidential bid is his Deputy William Samoei Ruto.

Ndindi Nyoro said,”the purpose of handshake was meant to keep the country moving and has nothing to do with making the Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader Raila Odinga the President of the Republic of Kenya come 2022.

Ndindi Nyoro went further to caution that they will surprise everyone soon with their plans. He even disclosed that they were drawing plans that would build them grounds in Nyanza Region. This comes after they were reportedly warmly welcomed to the Nyanza region during their visit last week.


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