VERA SIDIKA documented a video of her whole Caesarean Section Procedure, plans to show it to her daughter when she grows up!


Socialite Vera Sidika has revealed that she recorded a video of her whole Caesarean Section procedure when she gave birth a few months ago.

Speaking on her Insta stories, Vera said she loves watching how her tummy was cut open before her daughter popped out.

“Did I tell you I have a whole video of my baby Asia coming out of my stomach during my CS surgery. 

“I watch it everyday and smile. Gosh,” she wrote.

She further revealed that she will show the video to her daughter.

“Can’t wait to show her these videos when she grows up, so priceless. 

“I watch them daily. Actually, I have a full footage of my entire CS surgery,” she added.

According to Vera, watching the videos gives her satisfaction as a mother.

“My tummy cut open and baby’s head popping out to meet mommy. It’s crazy, insanely beautiful. 

“The most precious experience ever caught on camera. 

“I am too blessed, ” she added.


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