Vera Sidika spent 800k for her baby shower and didn’t need a harambee


Vera Sidika has been opening up about planning her own baby shower that was held on the 10th of October.

She told that she likes to do things for herself rather than depend on friend to plan a surprise shower.

She has since been sharing the highlights from her event and the cost was one issue that people have with.

She was exposed for denying guests food, but responded that there was food only that she didn’t feel it necessary to show off the food display.

A whatsapp group was also set up to make plans and she says she likes to do things her way because she is a pertfectionist.

The messages on the group suggest that she wanted friends to fundraise but Vera has dismissed this saying she paid 800k for it herself.

“wamamwa facebook watume screenshots and show me where I was begging for 100k to do a baby shower”

Edgar Obare shared screenshots of a WhatsApp group that Vera Sidika had formed to fundraise for the baby shower.

“it’s very important while spreading fake stories and rumors. You kindly share facts. I know u r very desperate  to bring me down by all means. But guess what?? I ain’t going nowhere. Haters never grow. They’re so stuck up in their rotten single rooms, miserable and sad. Instead of clapping for others or stay quiet as they wait for their turn. They hate thinking it’ll make them feel better about themselves. No darling we good over here. while you depressed in your *h*thole Typing abusing people u have never even met.”

“if people only knew how f*kn much decor costs they’ll rethink their lives. a little reminder. i threw the best baby shower  ever!!!one I personally have never seen before..and that’s on f acts”

Vera provided a receipt of a lunch date she took her friend many months ago that cost 59,200 to show she doesn’t need a harambee of 100k for her baby shower. “just in case you forgot how lunch bill looks like  when I decide to eat out. 60k so what again r u saying I got a harambee ya 100k to plan baby shower?”


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