Vet aspirants carefully and pick the best to run football

Football Kenya Federation president Nick Mwendwa address journalists at Safari Park hotel, Nairobi on December 7, 2019.

Elections play a fundamental role in democratic governance because they enable voters to select leaders whom they can hold accountable while in office.

But accountability can be undermined when elected leaders do not pull their weight to ensure they re-elected on merit. The requirement of leaders being subjected to regular and periodic elections helps to solve the problem of succession. This contributes a lot to sound leadership.

Moreover, where the electoral process is competitive, candidates must demonstrate their visions and track records for scrutiny. Elections serve as forums for public debate on key issues.

I will, therefore, base my article today on the upcoming Football Kenya Federation (FKF) polls with a caution to Coast voters to sober up and elect officials who will bring back our lost glory.

Campaigns are on for the Football Kenya Federation elections, which the international governing body Fifa wants done by end of March.

Lest you forget, it is your duty as voters to critically interrogate the officials seeking re-election before giving them the nod.


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