Villa Rose hotel under terrorist attack


Al-Shabaab militants have claimed responsibility for the ongoing terrorist attack on Villa Rose hotel in Mogadishu which started on Sunday evening.

Witnesses stated that the attack started with a suicide explosion before proceeding to a gun fight between the militias and security forces.

National Police spokesman Sadik Dodishe issued a statement elucidating that security operations are underway and urged locals to avoid the area under attack until after the militias have been smoked out.

“Many people, including civilians and officials were rescued. Culprits will pay the price,” he added.

Tensions are rising following reports that at least five people have died and several others have been injured after jumping over the perimeter wall for safety.

Villa Rose hotel, which is near the presidential palace, is mostly used by government officials to hold meetings. One of the meetings that was scheduled for today has been postponed but Abdi Hassan, who is a government official, told the media that several government officials are still inside the hotel.

All security teams in Somalia are currently working together to defuse the situation.


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