Villa Somalia Financing Chaos Witnessed Along Kenya-Somalia Border


Somali National Army today harrassed Bula Hawa town residents after the locals protested their brutality.

For the past few days, the SNA troops have been seen shooting indiscriminately at the locals allegedly killing and injuring some.

It is feared that Somalia’s President Farmaajo could be behind the odd behaviour by the troops to destabilize semi autonomous regions unsympathetic to him.

The timing of this campaign is suspicious, especially following the recent electoral map agreement between President Mohamed Farmaajo with five regional leaders which was later endorsed by the two chambers of parliament.

With the incoming elections in Somalia, Farmaajo has been toiling day and night to ensure he stays in power no matter what.

He has previously showed resentment towards regional leaders especially Jubaland’s President Ahmed Madobe. His recent change of heart to engage these leaders who he once viewed as enemies, has been viewed by political experts as a tactical retreat.

The deployment of a contingent of SNA soldiers early this year in Bula Hawa and Mandera border who caused chaos and mishandled civilians in the name of looking for Somalia’s fugitive Janan has been termed by experts as ‘aggressive’ and called on Kenyan government to protect the people of Mandera against the ruthless soldiers.

Farmaajo is accused of yearning for the destruction of Jubaland state with the help of SNA and Ethiopian troops who have been bombing Gedo region since the start of this year which has left a number of civilians dead and scores injured.

A section of security experts says that Farmaajo might be sensing defeat of border dispute case before ICJ which has made him be so hostile towards Kenya.

The Somalia opposition leaders issued a statement in June accusing Farmajo of being used by countries salivating for Somalia’s resources.


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