Wajackoyah, presidential aspirant to legalise bhang in Kenya if elected in August elections

Roots Party presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah

As the clock ticks towards the August 9th General Election, presidential aspirants are increasingly coming up with incentives they believe will spur Kenyans to elect them into office.

From the repayment of the national debt in two years, to offering a Ksh.6000 monthly stipend to low-income households and introducing free university education, the State House hopefuls have been adding on to their political promises in an effort to entice voters.

The most recent case has seen Roots party presidential aspirant and lawyer Professor George Wajackoyah vow to legalise bhang should he be elected as Kenya’s fifth president.

According to Wajackoyah, Kenya has failed to capitalize on the booming trade of marijuana owing to the fact that the crop has been stigmatized in most African societies ever since colonial masters labelled it as harmful.

“The white settlers came here and said that bhang is bad but I don’t see any problem with it. I don’t smoke bhang personally but my son does and I can’t just disown him for that when others are over-indulging in illicit brews,” Prof. Wajackoyah said in an interview on Channel 46.

Wajackoyah is also of the opinion that commercializing the crop will greatly augment the country’s economy if marijuana cultivation is prioritised by the next government owing to the plant’s medicinal benefits.

“Bhang should also be grown here just like in America. Even in Jamaica bhang is cultivated and sold. Our job will be to grow it and sell it to those who use it. Such ventures will gain the country additional capital,” he said.

“Let us face reality. If we have the means to boost our economy let us do so. Bhang can make medicine, soaps, lotions and the seeds are a great source of plant-based proteins,” he added.

Wajackoyah similarly stated that he is prepared to counter perceived resistance that his proposal would evoke among the some of the country’s residents.

“I will be the first president in Africa to legalise and export bhang, if they want to cast me out because of that it’s okay with me,” he said.


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