Warning signs of excusing abuse in relationships

To my surprise, she declared that she still loved him and she was willing to come back after a while, if he met certain conditions.

A few weeks ago, I bumped into an old friend. We had a brief discussion about the weather, the tough economy and water shortage before she briefed me about her relationship. She seemed dull on this particular day. “I want to leave,” she burst out. I had heard that statement before.

From people who never left. They just complained but never left. When my friend made this statement, I remembered a conversation we had months ago.

She had declared that she was there to stay and nothing would push her out of marriage. “What changed?” I wondered, but I did not want to probe. It was none of my business.

Besides, I didn’t want to listen to another story of a toxic relationship, especially from a friend. These kinds of tales were taking a toll on me. She didn’t want to say much either.

She struggled to keep the ‘juicy’ details of her relationship a mystery and in the process; she looked down, fighting tears.



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