We are choosing between two evils


    2022 is an election between the bad and the bad. Kenyans lost interest in elections because politics was left to the political class. We have many critical leaders who unfortunately come in late. We are a contradiction; on one hand, we punish leaders who don’t do the groundwork to earn our vote but with the same token we have selective amnesia.

    Kenyans don’t analyze political lies being told to them when it comes to politics in Kenya. How is it that we keep accepting the lies being told to us? We have to move away from the notion that the election is on 9th August 2022, election is a process. We need to know where our money goes because we are among the highest countries being taxed.

    The media has been compromised. The interest and ownership of media can be seen in the stories being told. Mainstream media isn’t the social transformation we need because they are beneficiaries of the status quo.

    We need to delink politics from individuals because we have individuals owning parties. Time is now for more people to come out and offer themselves to run for president to reverse the bad decisions made by the previous administrations.


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