We Bribed Our Way Out – Kamiti Three


While speaking to the press on Saturday, November 21, the reservists alleged that the three namely,  Musharraf Abdalla, Joseph Juma, and Mohammed Abdi disclosed to them that the implicated officers were above their rank and would do anything to help them. 

The NPR officers went ahead to reveal that the trio offered them a bribe for them to be set free.

“They told us that if their phones did not get lost, we would have let them go. When we asked them why. They stated that Kamiti officers were superior to us in rank,”

“They pleaded with us to set them free and even offered to give us money,” Wambo Ngii, one of the reservists claimed.

Additionally, the reservist stated that they apprehended the trio after they failed to identify themselves disclosing that the terror convicts acted suspiciously.

“I asked them to produce their ID and they revealed to us that they did not have them. At that moment, I knew that they were the fugitives,” 

“We followed them to the forest and ensures that we arrested them,” another reservist narrated.

The revelation by the police reservists barely come days after two residents of Kitui, Paul Mwaniki and Juma Kilonzi, filmed themselves narrating how they got wind of the fugitives.

“They walked in some sneaky way creating a zig-zag formation and crossed the road from one point to another. They also seemed to avoid any contact with other residents compelling them to walk through thorny bushes.” Mwaniki revealed.

Following the escape of the three convicts, several Kamiti Prison officials have been arrested as the government moves to investigate events surrounding the mysterious escape of the three convicts.

While announcing the escape of the three convicts, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) announced that they would reward Ksh60 million to an individual who would give information leading to the arrest of the three fugitives.

However, in his address to the press, Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i, downplayed the reward stating the government would carry out a thorough investigation before any action is taken.

“No…no…no, we are not going there at the moment. Let us not be speculative about this. We are going to work on this meticulously as my colleagues have said,” Matiang’i stated.


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