We joined UHURU for the system, we now hear RUTO & UDA are the system! Tufanyaje Jameni! – RAILA’s supporters cry out


Supporters of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga are very angry with President Uhuru Kenyatta after he lost the Kiambaa by-election to his Deputy, William Ruto.

 Ruto‘s United Democratic Alliance(UDA) candidate, John Njuguna Wanjiku, thrashed Jubilee Party candidate, Kariri Njama, who had the backing of ‘deep state’ and statehouse machinery.

Raila‘s supporters led by Economist, Mohamed Welihye, expressed their frustrations with Jubilee Party saying they joined the ruling coalition hoping that a ‘deep state and system’ will be ‘used in situations like in the Kiambaa by-election.

Welihye claimed it is unfortunate that Jubilee is claiming that UDA is the system and they rigged the just concluded by-election in Kiambaa.

“We went to H.E Uhuru for the “system”. Now we are hearing that UDA are the ‘System’ and are rigging elections. 

“Tufanyaje jameni!” Welihye asked on his Twitter page

Other ODM supporters asked Raila Odinga to pull out of the planned alliance with Uhuru saying he has nothing to offer in the 2022 presidential elections.

“The President has no support in his backyard. We ask Raila Odinga to end the marriage immediately to avoid further humiliation in 2022,” Samson Oguok wrote on his Facebook page.


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