We Shall Not Be Silenced, Release Mutemi wa Kiama


Police around the world have made it their sole aim to trend in our social media platforms this year. Not only have they been reckless with their use of power but also moved to silencing activists around the world.

Mutemi wa Kiama has always been vocal and unafraid when it comes to rebuking the injustices of Political leaders- that includes the President too. His activism led to his arrest last night by five DCI officers who did not bother to follow the right procedure of arrest. Five officers coming for one unarmed man is a little dramatic don’t you think? They mishandled Mutemi and took his phone and laptop before dragging him to the station so we can only assume that he will not be getting his gadgets back. This is not be the first time the police are openly robbing citizens. They stole from Samuel Maina after assaulting him over covid-19 curfew measures.

It’s incredible to see so many Kenyans unleash their power on Social Media claiming for justice of the weaker individuals, like the homeless man, Vaite, and the 13 year old boy, Yassin Moyo, who were shot by the police.

On May 27, a policeman in Bura shot a KDF officer after mistaking him for a terrorist. Mistakes that can be evaded if we send sane officers in operational areas.

We see their mistakes, we watch their arrogance and it grows worse every day. The National Police Spokesperson Charles Owino tried to cover for his men in his recent interviews but we could see through.

Kenyans are angry and they will not be silenced. Our activists are our force. We need Mwalimu Mutemi wa Kiama released.


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